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Welcome to Tri City Birth Collective of Midland, Michigan!

Offering a collection of expert & nurturing services that improve the pregnancy and birth experience of any growing family.

Care you can trust from the start

Reliable, up-to-date informational support from

pregnancy through postpartum improves life-long outcomes for you and your baby.

Your evidence-based childbirth education needs are met with an experienced educator that is certified by Lamaze International - the world’s trusted leader in accrediting top Educators in childbirth education since 1965.

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Doula care, certified by DONA International, is proven to lower intervention rates and improve outcomes for parent(s) and babies.

Emotional and physical support during pregnancy, and for the duration of your labor and birth create positive birth memories (that last your lifetime). Expert techniques can shorten labors, and reduce pain levels. Doulas support your partner and siblings, too!

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What is a Doula?

What is a Doula?

Husband Massaging the Shoulders of His Pregnant Wife

physical support

  • Tips to optimize fetal positioning
  • Tricks for common pregnancy discomforts
  • Prepare partners with labor support techniques
Doula with Pregnant Woman

emotional support

  • Reduces fears with knowledge and listening
  • Un-tangles generational misinformation about birth
  • Supports all of your choices, no matter what
  • Process past birth trauma
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support anywhere

  • Support in homes, hospitals & birth centers - you decide!
  • Virtual Prenatal Appoinments available
  • Joins your care-team - Doulas are NOT medical care providers
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More about Doulas

Birth Doulas provide expertly trained prenatal informational support, positive birth planning, as well as continuous emotional & hands-on care for the duration of your labor and birth. I bring tools & knowledge to hospitals, homes, and birth centers that are proven to enhance your body’s natural birthing capabilities. Read more about the benefits of Doula care below!

  • Fear Reduction - A Doula is very familiar with labor, birth and the routine care surrounding this life experience. Building a trusting relationship together before your birth provides reassurance, confidence and inner strength while having your baby.

  • Labor Support Tools - From honey sticks to peanut balls...I've got it all! A rebozo, hot & cold packs, as well as items to create a calm birth atmosphere are standard in this Doula's bag. Do you want to dance during labor? Playlists, Bluetooth speakers, extra chargers...check.

  • Support for your Partner - Helping your partner use comfort techniques and encouraging ways to support you emotionally can shorten your labor and strengthen family bonds. I also help partners understand the wide range of normal behavior during labor and birth that can sometimes be surprising.

  • Awareness - During the throes of labor I remain aware of your choices for you and your baby while helping you recognize any steps away from that plan. I can encourage communication with your care provider until all of your questions have been answered.

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Boggled by birth plans?

Boggled by birth plans?

Schedule a 2 hour Partnership Consultation to inform your choices, and plan your birth!

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Ask Questions

The silliest question is an unanswered one! Too often care provider appointments are rushed, leaving parents without the knowledge they desire. Pick the brain of your community birth worker!

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Make a Plan

Use gained insights and supportive documents to make informed choices for yourself and baby. Confidence comes from learning & planning, especially if plans change, as they tend to do.

Use your voice

Advocate for your Care

Custom birth plan delivered to you within one week of meeting. Use this to inform your care team of your choices such as: epidurals, breastfeeding, and newborn care. Bring your provided copies to your place of birth!

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Lamaze Childbirth Education

Our goal is simple: We want you to feel confident, supported and powerful as you ask questions, make decisions, and navigate your path through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Our Six Healthy Birth Practices are based on the latest research, and serve as the foundation of Lamaze childbirth education. We firmly believe that everyone benefits from an informed pregnancy and birth

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Birth is honored as a normal life event

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Ways to improve your birth during your pregnancy

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Learn about recognizing the start of labor, and understanding it’s stages

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Practice comfort measures and birth positions with your partner

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Increases breastfeeding success, postpartum wellness, and entire family outcomes

How will you Lamaze?

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Private Instruction?


Group Learning?

Private lessons are given in the comfort of your own home, tailored to your pregnancy & scheduling needs

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Group learning held over one weekend per month, totaling 12hrs. of education. Snacks & refreshments provided for pregnant participant and one partner.

Check the TCBC Facebook page for upcoming group sessions.

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Schedules can be hectic nowadays! Much of the Lamaze curriculum can be effectively delivered through virtual learning. Together we can plan a combination of in-person and online sessions to suit your needs. Learning materials are delivered to your door ahead of meeting virtually. Feel free to reach out and discuss this option when taking Lamaze!

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Client Experiences

Client Experiences

Just finished up my four week Lamaze class with Krystal...and I HIGHLY recommend for any first time moms! Not only was Krystal clearly knowledgeable in her field, but her enthusiasm helps to build confidence within your own pregnancy. She gives you the information and sources to help advocate for yourself in what may be an unsure time at both hospital birth or home birth atmospheres. It is a huge comfort to be able to have her as my doula when it comes time birth of our baby.

Rose B.

Lamaze Student,

Doula Client X2

I can't believe that families go through labor and birth alone! Having Krystal there with the knowledge of labor and delivery, not only supported me but my husband. Krystal was able to tailor our Lamaze classes to fit our schedule and we felt that we were able take away a lot of helpful information from pregnancy to childcare.

Alisha G.

Lamaze Student, Doula Client

My husband and I came to Krystal kind of late in the game. I was probably around 20 weeks give or take by the time we met with her. I already had one child and had some what of a traumatic birth experience with her so I wanted to do as much as possible to prevent that. I can’t say this enough. You couldn’t find someone more support to be in your corner when it comes to pregnancy, birthing, and post postpartum care. She’s attentive, takes advice well, and really focuses on your wants and needs. She’s the best advocate you could have. She went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable, supported, and happy with my birth experience. Thank you again Krystal. ❤️ Baby born 5/29/21

Adessa L.

Doula Client, Sibling Support

I'm not even sure how to begin to convey the value of Krystal's services. I never considered hiring a doula, until my partner and I began discussing a home birth. In trying to navigate that option in Northern Michigan, our search for birth workers led us to Krystal. I had always thought that I didn't need anyone besides my partner as emotional support during labor, so a doula seemed unnecessary to me, but I decided, almost on a whim, to reach out to her. I didn't expect anything to come out of our conversation, honestly. After speaking to Krystal on the phone for maybe 10 minutes, I was convinced she had to be present at our birth. You cannot have a conversation with Krystal without being immediately assured of her serving spirit. The genuine love and care she gives to her clients, even before they're clients, is unmatched. I had not felt that level of sincere connection with any other birth worker. Initially, my partner seemed unsure about the role a doula would play for us. I think he also thought that he was all the emotional support I would need! But his official position was, "whatever you want, we'll do." After the first meeting with Krystal, he was sold. It was clear that she would provide education, assistance, and support to BOTH of us. The childbirth classes were invaluable, so fun, and such a great bonding experience for my partner and I. She made them something to look forward to, and her material is comprehensive and interesting. Communication was always amazing with Krystal, and we never felt afraid or silly to reach out to her with questions or information on how the pregnancy was progressing. I don't know how she does it, but Krystal makes you feel like her only client. You feel heard, valued, important, and cared for. You feel like your pregnancy and baby matter so much to her, it's an amazing and affirming feeling that really makes a difference. On the day of our birth, I ended up being induced in the hospital. Krystal is a huge part of the reason that I love our birth story instead of mourn the home birth I wanted but didn't get. Krystal held space for all our feelings, she was there to advocate for us and help us to get the experience we wanted. She got amazing photos of the labor and birth, she made our room feel homey and comfortable, she brought chocolate! When I was convinced I couldn't keep going, while my partner provided hip squeezes to keep me sane, Krystal was the one I was leaning on, moaning into her shoulder, "I can't, I can't!" Krystal told me, "You can. The hardest part is the shortest part; you're nearly there." At that point in labor, I was in my own head and barely hearing anything anyone was saying, but I heard that. That pulled me out of my pain spiral enough, it gave me something to hold onto. I kept repeating it in my head, "the hardest part is the shortest part, the hardest part is the shortest part..." Krystal is, without a doubt, the person you want at your birth. You should have someone who is going to exude so much genuine, undiluted love and support that it fills the room your baby is born in. She made me and my partner feel strong, sure, and supported so we could be there for each other while we brought our baby into the world. 20/10, would recommend. Krystal will be the first phone call I make for any future pregnancies. She's worth every penny and more!

Michele H.

Private Education & Doula Client

Meet the Birth Worker

The memories of how we are treated during our births last a lifetime. Those memories impact how we feel about ourselves, our babies, and our future. Knowing this creates a responsibility to always honor, protect and encourage every person having a baby, no matter their choices. It is a passion and life commitment to providing personal & respectful care to every family I encounter.

I have the tools and knowledge to provide prenatal education and labor support that can reduce the use of medical interventions and enhance the transformation that occurs with each parent and baby born. I supplement every class I teach with humor, honesty and evidence. Listening carefully to my clients’ fears, past experiences, and family culture truly help me to understand their individual desires and needs for their upcoming birth. I enjoy providing opportunities for hands-on practice of labor positions and comfort techniques with pregnant people, birth partners and even siblings!

My classes and Doula care utilize both virtual, and in-person support based upon your wants and needs. I am certified by the highest recognized Childbirth Educator certifying body in the world – Lamaze International. I am also credentialed for my experience, professionalism, and capabilities as a Certified Birth Doula with DONA International.

With the professional mumbo-jumbo out the way… Hi, I’m Krystal! I am a Mother of 4 amazing boys and my personal birth and breastfeeding experiences are vast. My lifestyle has involved studying pregnancy and birth for over 7 years now. I am grateful to have breastfed my boys for a combined total of over 4 years. I’m also a Pittie Momma and a Woman on a mission to encourage other women and people to believe in their bodies and it’s innate ability to give birth. Serving you, and your growing family is truly an honor that I am looking forward to.

Krystal Barnhart, CD(DONA), LCCE

Owner of Tri City Birth Collective, Midland MI

Previously of Northern Sun Birth Services, Oscoda MI






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